A la Grave - Hautes Alpes


TELEMARK meeting


hight classic race, starting from  3600m to 2500m arrival!

"Come make your blood before the BlackShoes in Tignes"


Friday, March 31


Saturday, April 1


Sunday, April 2

That's racing but it is not pressed

8 am-10 am ceremony bib at the cable
Make yourself a nut bag for the mountain offered by Satoriz

12h00 departure of children

12h30 Departure major

14h Meal at Chancel

17h Awards ceremony in the ballroom with a small snack for the road


"If you're the first ,come to the Blackshoes ":
(The first are invited to blackshoes )

"la classique d'en haut":

  • • Start from the top of the Dome of the Girose,
  • 3600m
  • • 300m of vertical giant slalom style
  • Telemark on the track of the glacier
  • • Springboard jump
  • • "loom" is a banked curve of 360 °
  • • 1km cross country skiing
  • • And finally 700 m elevation in the freestyle
  • off-road
  • • Arriving at the shelter for a soup of Chancel

"la petite classique d'en haut"

Kids until 18 years, same program but stays on the field secure, arrived in 3200 (no off-piste)

Each child must be under the responsibility and accompanied by an adult child can manage in the field of mountaineering.

Warning: rotations (up + down) can take 1:30 (30-45 min rise) expect to be off for appointments and not to ski alone.